IT Equipment Rental Agreement


THIS Your IT and Tech Mates by Computer Rental Agreement (the “Agreement”) is dated and executed when you purchased or renewed your IT and Tech Mates membership on this web site (

You are (the “Client”, you, I), Pty Limited is (the “contractor”, we, us, our).


Terms and Conditions


1. Definitions

• Subscription means the 12 months Your IT and Tech Mates PAID Membership (My Home IT Plan,  or Small Biz IT Plan).
• IT Equipment means (one 4 bay NAS unit included 4  x 1TB harddisks for Small Biz IT Plan Member, or one package of up to three whole home Mesh WIFI router units for My Home IT Plan member) promotions supplied by, together with any accessories, parts or software supplied with the IT equipment.
• Contract means this Rental Contract between the and the Renter which incorporates these terms and conditions.
• Subscription Fees means the Fees set out in Item 3 of the Schedule.
• Subscription Period means the 12 months period between the start and end dates set out in Item 4 of the Schedule.
• Renter means the person or persons named in Item 1 of the Schedule.
• Schedule means the Schedule to this Computer Rental Agreement.
• means Pty Limited (ACN 620 592 403) penthouse 838/585 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
• Renter means the person named in Item 2 of the Schedule, being an active paid member of Your IT and Tech Mates Membership.


2. Interpretation

• Unless otherwise stated a reference to a party includes that party’s executors, administrators, successors, assigns and personal representatives.
• If a party comprises two or more persons they are each jointly and severally liable for the performance of the terms of this Contract.


3. Subscription Fees

a) shall rent the IT equipment (one unit of the IT equipment) to the Renter during the whole 24 months Rental Period after renter has paid their subscription fee in full. The Renter shall pay the 12 months Your IT and Tech Mates membership in full set out in the Schedule.

b) The Subscription Fee do not include any consumables such as network cable, paper, ink or toner that may be required to be used with the IT equipment.

c) The Renter shall pay by way of a once-off 12 months Your IT and Tech Mates membership the amount specified in the Schedule.

d) If the member has cancelled their 12 months subscription. They will be required return their rented IT equipment in full working order first before can issue and refund any of their unused portion of their membership subscription fee.


4. The IT equipment

a) The IT equipment remains the property of at all times.

b) At the end of the Your IT and Tech Mates Membership Rental Period, the Renter can choose keep the IT equipment for no cost.

(b.1 ) Small Biz IT Plan Member can choose to keep your one 4 bay NAS unit included 4  x 1TB harddisks at the end of your 24 months paid membership subscription period.

(b.2) ) My Home IT Plan members can choose to keep your package of up to three whole home Mesh WIFI router units at the end of your 24 months paid membership subscription period.

c) The Renter will ensure that the they will operate, maintain and store the IT equipment with due care and in compliance with the instructions and recommendations of the supplier and manufacturer of the IT equipment and pursuant to any directions given by

d) The Renter must not alter or replace any parts in the IT equipment nor alter or load any illegal or pirate software on the IT equipment unless that software has been approved by during their 24 months subscription.

e) This agreement relates only to the IT equipment. In the event of its loss or damage, is under no obligation to replace the IT equipment.

f) The IT equipment ‘s actual product model, color and specifications may vary, and all features, functionality and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.


5. Maintenance and Repairs

a) may provide routine maintenance to keep the IT equipment in working order during the Rental Period. Any maintenance work not reasonably considered to be routine by will be at the expense of the Renter, provided always that before any such work is completed will notify the Renter of the work to be undertaken and advise the cost involved.

b) If the IT equipment breaks down or is damaged, and in the opinion of it is not economic to repair the IT equipment, then it is at sole self-discretion and decision to replace of the IT equipment with another similar unit.


6. Renter’s Obligations

a) The Renter will notify immediately of any change in the Renter’s contact details and address during the Rental Period.


7. Repair

a) Any repairs required due to normal wear and tear or malfunction of IT equipment will not incur a charge.
b) Repairs due to accidental damage, or deliberate damage or negligence will be charged in full.


8. Termination

a) This agreement comes to an end:
a.1. At the end of the Rental Period that is end of renter’s 12 months Your IT and Tech Mates membership.
a.2. In the event of default as defined in subclause 8(b).
a.3. If IT equipment is lost or destroyed by the Renter.
a.4. If IT equipment is damaged and is not economically repairable as per clause 8(b).
a.5. The renter cancelled the 12 months Your IT and Tech Mates Small Biz IT plan membership,  or My Home IT plan prior to the end of the Rental Period.

b) Default occurs if:
b.1. Subscription fees are not paid within 14 days of an invoice being issued.
b.2. The Renter continues to breach any term of this Contract 14 days after the gives the Renter notice in writing of its default.
b.3. The Renter is subject to bankruptcy or other legal proceedings which place IT equipment at risk of loss or seizure by others.

c) In the event that the Renter defaults, the IT equipment remains the property of and maintains the right to seek possession of IT equipment.

d) In the event of default this agreement shall immediately come to an end.


9. Waiver and exercise of rights

a) A single or partial exercise or waiver by a party of a right relating to this agreement does not prevent any other exercise of that right or the exercise of any other right.


10. Amendment

a) This agreement may only be varied or replaced by agreement in writing.


You (I) hereby agree to the above IT rental agreement. You (I) also agree to the terms and conditions within this Agreement.