How can I increase WiFi signal range at home?

How can I increase WiFi signal range at home?

How can I increase WiFi signal range

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How can I increase WiFi signal range at home?


There’s a lot you can do, but some of it will be unique to your home and general layout.

Let’s start by finding the center most point of your home in relation to your devices that will be utilizing your wireless signal. You want a spot near an electrical outlet (unless your access point is PoE). This is because the further away your access point is from the device, the slower your data speeds will be. You also want to limit the number of walls the signal needs to travel through. Walls will diminish signals, and glass and mirror will virtually block the signal due to their composition.


How can I increase WiFi signal range at home your it and tech mates
How can I increase WiFi signal range at home your it and tech mates


Next, get your access point off the ground and out of the cabinet. There’s a reason why every commercial shows the access point on a table or mounted on the wall or ceiling. Truthfully the only wireless access point that should be positioned below your waist would be one of those range extenders you plug directly into the wall. And really that’s just because most home wall outlets are about 18-inches off the ground.


How can I increase WiFi signal range at home your it and tech mates


Next, if your access point has movable antennaes, you likely have them all pointed straight up. While this seems correct, you can do better. Unless physically restricting or the manual says otherwise, your antennae should be marginally pointed in different directions.

Generally for 2 antennae units, you’d have them in a V-formation, for 3 and antennae units, the center is/are upright and the outside two are angled slightly away from the center.

The idea behind this is better range. If all the antennae are pointing the same direction, they’re mostly going the same direction while taking a very similar path.

If possible, swap your access point’s antennaes out with some higher end antennaes made for more range. These are generally far longer than the stock antennae.


How can I increase WiFi signal range at home your it and tech mates


You also want to keep in mind that other wireless devices may impact your wireless signal. So if you’re noticing your signal is sporadically dropping or is very inconsistent, there may be another wireless signal competing against your access point’s signal. Consider changing the channel which it’s broadcasting or move it’s location. You can change the signal in your device’s control panel.


How can I increase WiFi signal range at home your it and tech mates


If you’re still having range problems you should consider buying a second access point and using it as a repeater. This will basically use the signal of your original access point and then repeat it, allow for more range.


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How can I increase WiFi signal range at home?

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