How can I undelete files from SD card?

How can I undelete files from SD card?

How can I undelete files from SD card?

How to Recover Deleted Files from an SD Card power by CleverFiles.


How can I undelete files from SD card?


Nothing should ever be given up as truly lost, at least not immediately. So, you’ve accidentally deleted the data in your SD Card or your SD Card has malfunctioned and you can’t find your data, however, that isn’t the end of the world and you can recover lost data from SD Card using a third party software and an SD Card Reader.


dr.fone is quite a multi-purpose and convenient tool that’s been rolled out by Wondershare. You can use it to do a multitude of things, which is why we personally recommend it as the solution to your data loss troubles. You can recover lost data from SD Card using just a few simple steps given below.


Step 1: Connect SD Card to computer via SD Card Reader


Launch the dr.fone software on your computer. In the blue panel on the left you’ll find a feature called “Android SD Card Data Recovery”. Select that and then connect your SD Card via an SD Card Reader.


How can I undelete files from SD card?


Once your SD Card has been detected by dr.fone, select the icon and click on ‘Next.’


How can I undelete files from SD card?


Step 2: Select a Scan Mode


You can either opt for the ‘Standard Scan’ or the ‘Advanced Scan.’ You should first try the Standard Scan as it is simpler, and go for a complete recovery so all the files, deleted or otherwise, may be revealed.


How can I undelete files from SD card?


Click ‘Next’ to begin scanning.


Step 3: Preview and Select Data


All the data will be displayed in a gallery for you to choose from. The left bar would feature the categories and the right window would feature its contents.


Simply select all the files you couldn’t detect earlier, click ‘Recover’ and there you have it! You’ve effectively found all your lost data and it only took a few minutes!


P.s: What if I don’t have an SD card reader?


If you don’t have an SD Card Reader you can simply connect your device with the SD Card directly to your computer using a USB Chord, and choose the “Recover Phone data” option.


How can I undelete files from SD card

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How can I undelete files from SD card?


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