Mesh WIFI versus WIFI Extenders, Which one is better?

Mesh WiFi versus WiFi Extenders

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Mesh WiFi versus WiFi Extenders: What’s the best fit for your budget?


Mesh WiFi versus WiFi Extenders

Mesh WiFi versus WiFi Extenders video powered by



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Mesh WiFi versus WiFi Extenders, Which one is better?



Are mesh WiFi systems better than using range extenders and repeaters?




With mesh system, you can roam across WIFI networks of multiple routers like it’s one network. Meaning, there will be only one WIFI network you’ll see in your phone or laptop to connect to. Software inside the mesh system (routers) decides which physical router you need to connect to. The experience is similar to how telecoms switch you across towers seamlessly. Client software won’t know that you switched network.


In contrast, a range extender will broadcast its own SSID and it’ll be responsibility of your phone or laptop to disconnect from one network (when it’s weak) and connect with another network which is strong. Operating Systems don’t do this aggressively unless the connected network is very very weak such that it’s unusable because they don’t know that both WIFI SSID share the same logical network. If they do this, there’ll be consequences like what if you are transferring a file across local network. So, you have to do this manually. This can be automated with software (I have done this on Android using Tasker; connect to different network when strength drops below 60%), but even then experience isn’t seamless. Lots of discovery based softwares stop an undergoing network process and start the discovery again and MMO games disconnect, for example. Plus, this can’t be done in all devices. e.g. IoT devices which need to move around home like smart vacuum cleaner (Only mesh systems can work in this case).


Other than this, mesh systems maintain the bandwidth even in the extended zones because they intelligently use different wireless channels. For example, tri-band Orbi mesh routers have a dedicated wireless backhaul system which operate in 5GHz to connect to other routers in the mesh system. This 5GHz channel is different from the one which is exposed to be used by your devices.


Mesh WiFi versus WiFi Extenders, Which one is better?

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Mesh WiFi versus WiFi Extenders

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Mesh WiFi versus WiFi Extenders


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