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Whole Home WIFI Replacement Package

$328.90$1,317.80 inc. GST

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Do you find yourself struggling with your internet speeds from time to time? Well it might not actually be an issue with your broadband. If you’re looking for more horsepower from your home network, a new mesh Wi-Fi system might be in order. Connect More, Stay Fast!

  • Support WiFi6 *
  • Include all parts and installation
  • Support Internet speed over 100Mbps
  • Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Replacement Package
  • Wi-Fi Dead Zone Killer
  • Fast and Stable Wi-Fi Connection Everywhere
  • Greatly Reduced Lag, More Fun
  • Seamless WIFI coverage for your home
  • Seamless Roaming with One Wi-Fi Name
  • Support more home device connections for immersive streaming and gaming
  • Protection against common Internet Attacks *
  • Block Access to Malicious Websites
  • Robust Parental Controls
  • 3 years hardware warranty


* Available on all PRO/Premium packages. Basic packages supports WIFI5 only.
! Melbourne residents only (within 25 Km of Melbourne CBD only).



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