Video doorbells – Are they worth it?

Video doorbells

Video doorbells Are they worth it your it and tech mates tech tips


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Video doorbells Are they worth it your it and tech mates tech tips

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Smart Video doorbells


Are they worth it?


Based upon my experience with one installed at a business I am associated with, I have to say yes they are worth it.


Each time a person approaches the door, an alarm is sent to your mobile phone, and PC if you have it set up that way. When the camera is set up, you have proof that someone stole your package. The Company you bought from still owes you your package, so the proof in addition to the police report will show that your are not trying to scam the business you are buying from.


As a bonus, when your package arrives, you will be alerted as soon as the delivery person drops the package off, so you will know that you have a package whether you are home or not.


You can also give trusted neighbors access to the phone so that they are alerted when someone is at your door, so they can actually collect the package for you if they are home at the time.


It is also handy for chasing those nuisance people who come to the door trying to sell something, or asking for donations because you are able to actually tell them to go away with your mobile phone. Burglars often test whether someone is home or not, by knocking and waiting to judge whether someone is home. If no one answers, they may try to burgle your home. With the camera doorbell, you can tell them that you won’t answer the door, and tell them to go away. They won’t know whether you are home or not unless you tell them.


These cameras are not that expensive, and the one I am familiar with charges only $30 a year, which is less than $3 a month.


Nothing will protect you 100% of the time.


Today’s smart video doorbells help enhance your home security and make it easier and more efficient to organize and prevent your deliveries from being stolen at your front door. So installing a smart video doorbell is an easy solution to enhance your home security and make the process of receiving parcels easier and more efficient.


So book for your smart video doorbell installation now Video Doorbell Installation


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Video doorbells

Video doorbells

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Video doorbells

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